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EUROFOLK – NO.: 101090527
Eurofolk – The keeper of European culture – Work package 3
Austria, Municipality Bleiburg / Pliberk

Between November 17th and 19th, 2023, the 3rd meeting of partners of the EUROFOLK project took place in Municipality Bleiburg /Pliberk. The event was attended by project partners from three countries: Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. With the total participation of over 99 foreign citizens, unique bridges were formed between the Municipality of Breznički Hum (Croatia), Šmartno pri Litija (Slovenia) and Municipality of Pliberk (Austria).
National costumes came to life with the help of the photographic lens of renowned artist David Boton from Romania. As the author of an extraordinary collection of more than 1,000 different costumes from around the world, he painted the photographed participants in national costumes into history and a moment that will last forever.
The EUROFOLK project has become a symbol of integration and lasting respect for the cultural treasures that connect our past, present and future.
The entire Work package 3 documentation is attached on these official pages.
Link to entire Work package 1 documentation, held in Croatia, Municipality Breznički Hum, is available on the link: https://breznicki-hum.hr/index.php/ostalo/eu-projekti/eurofolk-cuvar-europske-kulture/626-breznicki-hum-radni-paket-1
Link to entire Work package 2 documentation, held in Slovenia, Municipality Šmartno pri Litiji, is available on the link: https://breznicki-hum.hr/index.php/ostalo/eu-projekti/eurofolk-cuvar-europske-kulture/634-objava-radnog-paketa-2

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